Motorcycle Clothing

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Motorcycle Clothing

Motorcycle Clothing is very important. It’s important to use the right clothing for the type of riding you will be doing. Long distance riding will require comfort whilst straddling the bike for a long period of time. Whereas during racing; more padding and protection may be favored over comfort to ensure safety. Choosing the right clothing will provide you with adequate comfort and protection.

In this article we’ll look at what types of motorcycle clothing are available and which is best suited for your needs. Before purchasing any clothes make sure you research both the make and also the business that’s selling it. Be aware of fake imitations of real brands, by making sure the company you’re buying from has a good reputation and customer feedback.

Motorcycle Jackets

Motorcycle Jackets are for show, but If you’re looking for comfort in all weathers, consider a nylon shell fabric material for your jacket. Most motorcycle clothing and jackets will offer waterproof material as well as waterproof closures to prevent water seeping inside the clothes. If you’re likely to wear the jacket in cold conditions; some jackets will come with a removable thermal liner. This makes the jacket use-able in both hot and cold weather.

If warmth is a key factor to your riding clothes you might want to consider microfleece base layers. Worn under your motorcycle clothing, these layers will provide warmth and comfort in cold temperatures. Most base layers are made of wicking material which will keep moisture away from your skin, keeping you dry without cooling.

Balaclavas are also extremely useful in cold temperatures. Worn underneath the motorcycle helmet balaclavas keep the heat of your head in. Some contain wicking material to keep your head dry and sweat free, ideal for use in any season.

A popular choice for racers and off road riders is protective body armor. Most motorcycle body armor is built to protect the main areas prone to damage such as the back, chest and spine.

Leather is a great material for ultimate protection. It’s traditionally the most popular choice of material for protective motorcycle clothing simply because it’s the toughest. Most leather jackets and trousers will come with increased safety seams at impact points to offer added protection. Some motorcycle waterproof jackets come with removable internal lining for use in both warm and cold weather.

So, when it comes to finding the right clothing for your motorcycle; make sure it’s fit for the purpose you’ll be using it for.

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Ninja ZX6R

If you’re riding in extreme weathers, your motorbike clothing need to be able to cope with the hot, cold and wet temperatures. If in doubt; ask the seller if the item you are interested in will be suitable for your intended use.

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