5 Life Saving Tips for Polar Bear Plunge

image of 5 life saving tips for the polar bear plunge

What is the Polar Bear Plunge

Well the 2016 Chippewa Lake Lions Club 6th annual Polar Bear Plunge and 5k Race or Walk will be taking place on Saturday January 30th. This is an event that is being held by the Chippewa Lake Lions Club. Click the link above to see more detail on this wonderful event that is being sponsored by them for a great cause!

Saturday January 30th tons of crazy polar plunge bears only human beings. Sorry Archie the Bear will not be there, will willingly race around the streets of the Village and at 1 PM jump into Chippewa Lake.

5 Life Saving Tips

  • Taking Polar Plunge is a serious thing make sure you have protective foot gear that will allow you to walk out of the lake or to run in the 5k race
  • Have a Spotter, this is a person or friend that will be there for you with warm clothing, encouragement or just to cheer you on.
  • Breathing, is one of the most crucial thing there is and i probably should have put the to the top of the list since if you stop breathing while in the lake then you will need to be saved.
  • If you have a pet especially a dog that is protective of you, leave them at home. You really don’t want your dog to jump in the lake and then put both of you in harms way. The Lions Club have trained frogman on site.
  • Heart problems, then this event is not for you other than having a wonderful walk with your loved ones. Or if you can run then that is fantastic but please try not to be a Polar Bear Club Member.

Chippewa Lake is a great place to visit either in the summer time or winter. And if your looking for things to do, make sure you check out the link above to see other events going on or near Chippewa or Lodi Ohio.



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