Best Materials Guide for Outdoor Patio Furniture

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Best Materials Guide for Outdoor Patio Furniture

Thank you for checking out the Best Materials Guide for Outdoor Patio furniture. Their are so many choices out there, it can be a bit overwhelming. With so many varieties of materials and hundreds or perhaps thousands of styles in these materials. The type of material you choose depends on personal preferences, but also in a situation where you live, your patio is covered or open, budget, and several other factors.

Keeping in mind your priorities and think about things, the right patio furniture is simple and easy. Selection of new furniture, the first task is to choose the type of material. The most common materials are wood, wicker and rattan, metal and plastic.

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Best Materials Guide

Wooden furniture

Wooden furniture is very popular and durable. Generally, wood garden furniture bearing components, the hot summer sun storms. But if you decide to use wooden furniture, must be treated waterproof coating protects from the sun-drying or damage to the rain. This is a good option if you do not have fun because it is very strong and rigid, which can accommodate people of all different sizes. It is also easy to change the appearance of the furniture, just a new coat of paint in all colors. Good quality timber garden furniture can be expensive, but if you do regular maintenance of the protective coating of paint or wood furniture with a couple of years inevitably a long time.


If you want to change the decor of your patio and often do not have to always buy new furniture, then woven with rattan furniture and it would be a good choice and decent work for you. Wicker and rattan are the second most popular type of furniture is made of natural materials. Two baskets and rattan furniture is durable, lightweight, and to some extent flexible, so it is suitable for outdoor furniture inside or move. Wicker is not really the material itself. Wicker is a weaving of rattan results with other materials, generally as bamboo furniture.

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Rattan (from the Malay word Rotana) is technically a tree, even if it is to grow the vine on the ground. They are usually found in tropical regions of Africa, Asia and Australia. Rattan vines, cut and peeled, boil them soft and when used as rattan weaving material. Rattan furniture is made rattan strips, which are woven together with the wood is wet. It may also be a strip of bamboo or other material woven around a strip of rattan correctly. Rattan accepts paints and stains easily than many other forests, so many colors and can work in many styles.

Wicker and rattan furniture are a cheap alternative to hard wood, if you want furniture from natural sources. This garden furniture requires very little maintenance and can be used indoors or outdoors all year round. It is also possible to change the prospects of wicker and rattan furniture, when the new coat of paint. So if you are inclined to change the decor of your patio, often without having to buy new furniture every time as rattan or wicker furniture is the best choice for you.


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Metal Outdoor Furniture

Metal outdoor furniture is often more economical option than hardwood, especially for those who want stability in the woods, but do not want to spend too much. Metal furniture is also ideal for people who want furniture with low maintenance costs, since most of the metal furniture is not the type of service, manufacturing of wooden furniture. There are three main types of metal garden furniture that you can buy. They are wrought iron, aluminum and metal pipe.

Forge is probably more expensive and time interval. Forged furniture is very popular, as it is stylish and brings a classic feel quite terrace, but it is also popular because of its durability. Forged furniture is heavy and requires little maintenance. See, for example a simple paint every year or so as a beautiful wrought iron furniture this year. In addition, solid wrought iron garden furniture, so it can be a convenient and safe for people of all sizes. It is also heavy, which is good because it does not lose the strong winds, but not to the point that it is too difficult to walk.

Aluminum is often used commercially because it is so easy to clean, lightweight and durable. Hotels, swimming pools, restaurants, resorts and other businesses that deal with the government often used in aluminum patio furniture, outdoor terrace. Aluminum is a metal lighter than wrought iron so if you often need to move furniture, aluminum may be the better option. Most of the bars, if not all, outdoor furniture and bistro certainly choose aluminum because of its weight and maintenance costs. Aluminum furniture can be a bit expensive for some people, but the price is negligible aluminum patio furniture lasts a long time.

Metal pipe patio furniture is the cheapest and easy to find discount stores. It is part of the sustainability of other kinds of garden furniture made of metal, but it is not as strong as wrought iron or aluminum. Metal pipe requires very little maintenance and can last a long time. But it can be bent and damaged and can never be bent back to its original shape. It is also a lightweight easy to lose the strong winds.


Plastic or PVC patio furniture

Plastic or PVC patio furniture is the cheapest and readily available at discount stores trading . Stack-able or PVC outdoor furniture you can find all the discount stores sometimes trade. They are easy to maintain, since everything you do for cleaning is simply to remove the dirty. It is a good natural substance with the exception of high winds and often lasts only one season.

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They are not very reliable and can break easily. It is a big possibility that it becomes a safety risk, if you have small children uses it as often as it seeks to overthrow or break. They also tend to crack and splinter very easily, which is also dangerous to adults. If you are looking for something cheap, fast, outdoor furniture, where plastic is the best option, but do not expect to keep.

A Recap on Best Materials Guide for Outdoor Patio Furniture

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  • Rattan
  • Metal
  • Forge
  • Aluminum
  • Plastic or PVC
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