Tires or Tyre’s, depending on what part of the Country you are located at (American English) or (British English). A Tire is a ring-shaped vehicle component that covers the wheel rim’s to protect it and enable better vehicle performance. Depending on what type of vehicle you are putting them on, they come in all shape and sizes.

Magic Blue Tire Dressing

Greenway’s Magic Blue Tire Dressing is a long lasting solvent-based silicone tire dressing designed to produce a very high gloss shine on any type of tire. Magic Blue will quickly dry without producing a sticky finish, therefore attracting less dust. Magic Blue is ready to use and is fortified with the highest grade silicone content. Magic Blue Magic Blue tire […]

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Tires and Road Safety

lots of tires in a pile

Tires and Road Safety What are the benefits of tires and road safety in today’s weather conditions? Not sure just look around and see if you notice any cars off the road or in a ditch. Well you can take a look at your car and tell me, which part of it touches the tarmac? Right after taking a look […]

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