Horse Tack

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Horse Tack

Saddles,Stirrups,Bridles,Halters,Bits,Reins, Breastplates,Harnesses, and Martingales are used to rein a horse.

Riding your horse is one of the best bonding moments you will have with your horse. It’s wonderful to get behind the reins of your beloved horse and freely ride through an open field. When riding with saddles, you want to make sure that you and your horse are comfortable for the ride. Finding the right horse tack can be challenging, but talking with experts will get you the best advise. If you live in Northeast Ohio, the best place to find horse tack pros would be at the Chippewa Lake Flea Market. The 1st Sunday of every month you will find other horse owners and vendors that are selling horse tack at fair prices.

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What is Horse Tack?

Horse tack is used for domesticated horses to help maintain them safely within a human environment. Horse tack includes a variety of devices such as, saddles, stirrups, halters, bits, reins, breastplates, harnesses, and martingales.

Saddles are the most commonly understood form of horse tack for non-horse owners. A seasoned horse owner will tell you that there are many other pieces of equipment needed to properly care for a horse. It’s important to know where to find quality horse tack and be aware of the cost.


If you are a new horse owner you might be keeping your horse at a community stable for a monthly care fee. Knowing what is included in the monthly stable fee is important. It might include food, feeding, and basic care taking. You are most likely responsible for washing, buying your own horse tack, and veterinary care. Most stable owners will be up front with you as far as what your contributions will need to be and what the cost includes.

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Different kinds of Horse Tack

It’s good to familiarize yourself with the different types of horse tack. There are different styles of saddles and ways to fit them to the horse.

English Tack

English Tack is used in all of the Olympic and professional equestrian sports. This style of saddle was created in England and the UK, but it’s expanded well beyond these regions. This design of saddle was intended to give the horse more freedom to move during jumping, running, and easy of walking.

Racehorse Tack

The name helps to give this one away; racehorse tack is intended for horse racing. Racehorse tack is the most comfortable for the horse and the jockey. This type of horse tack can be the most expensive because there are several pieces that are a part of this saddle. Since speed and horse safety are a top priority, these saddles have been through many endurance tests.

Western Tack

These saddles are intended for the workhorse, no pun here! These saddles are primary used for horses on cattle ranches. If you’ve seen a cowboy saddle in the movies, this is that type of saddle. If provides the most comfort for long distance horse riding and secures the riders safely on the horse’s back.

Australian Stock Saddle

This saddle is very multipurpose. It’s great for cattle work, pleasure riding, and trail riding. It’s more affordable that most other saddles too. The best way to tell the difference between a Western Saddle and an Australian Stock Saddle is to notice that it does not have the horn piece that the Western Saddles have.

Endurance Saddles

Endurance riding is an equestrian sport recognized by the International Federation for Equestrian Sports (FEI). This is typically a long-distance race that includes 50-100 miles of consistent riding. New riders or young horses start with something called, Limited Distance (LD) for endurance training.

Bareback vs. Saddle Riding

For someone new to horseback riding it’s important to know the difference between riding bareback and saddle riding. There has always been this fantasy of riding bareback along the countryside, but what’s the difference? The answer is pure physics. Saddle riding helps with weight distribution. The more surface area under the rider from the saddle, the more evenly distributed the weight will be. During bareback riding your weight resides primary in two places on the horse. Not only is this not as comfortable for the horse, but it’s notably more dangerous.

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