Lighthouse Cafe of Lodi

Lighthouse Cafe of Lodi

Lighthouse Cafe of Lodi is a local and family owned restaurant located in the heart of down town Lodi Ohio. I bring you great and terrible news about this beloved place, it has gone out of business. But know worries, you can now have the chance to be your own owner of one of Lodi’s famous restaurant.  It’s a great cozy diner that brings in a lot of locals and people on travel to or from the Lodi Outlet Station

image of lighthouse cafe of lodi



This restaurant seats about 48 people nice and cozy and will provide you that hometown feeling. All the equipment and furnishings will be provided with the Lighthouse Cafe if you choose to be the owner of this restaurant. You too can provide high quality, reasonable prices burgers.

image of lighthouse cafe

Since the lighthouse cafe is going out of business, i have provided some other great places around Lodi Ohio that you can visit.  You can also check out my other post

Lodi Ohio Great Lodging and Dining

Here is a local listing of restaurants:

Great Wall Chinese

Moxies Grille


Romeo’s Pizza

Mr. Hero

D’Antonio’s Pizza

Again, if your looking to be part of this wonderful community check out Lighthouse Cafe of Lodi or stop by to see the building in person.

And the Farmers Market is this weekend so check that out too!

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