That Time Again for Too Good to Be Threw

Do You Love Consignment Sales

It’s that time again for Too Good to Be Threw folks, hope everyone is ready to get their shopping on for the semi-annual consignment sale known as Too Good to be Threw.

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Too Good to be Threw

Click on the links or the picture to take you to the Facebook page for this site. And by know means do i work nor getting paid to write about them. My involvement was that i had the chance to help a friend out by being the muscle as i call it. But really i helped to drop off clothes and get a dinner out of it.

Too Good To Be Threw PDF

OK! Enough talk, lets get down to shopping and talking about consignment sales.  It was brought to my attention that there are good things to do with your old clothes, and toys either from your kids or friends that they no longer play with. Instead of just tossing them to the side like Lotso the bear in TS3, you can donate to a consignment sale shop.

image of too good to be threw

Lotso the bear

Too Good to be Threw, is a clothing and toy consignment sale that is held semi-annual Fall & Winter. This gem of a deal is located at the Wooster Church of the Nazarene  3100 Oak Hill Rd Wooster, Oh. (Alice Noble Ice Arena which is located across from it). I have talked to to people that have had the chance to experience this 8 Wonder of the World.  And you may not see anything like it unless you go the big red wagon haha.

You can find all of sorts of goodies like clothing, games, toys, baby stuff, shoes, books and many many more until you spend all your hard earned money. Be mindful when you go hold on two small kids cause someone might mistaken them as an item to sale modeling the clothes they have on.