Thirty One and Me

image of customer special thirty one and me large utility tote

Thirty One and Me

Have You Heard about Thirty One

Thirty One and me is what i wanted to share with everyone today. This is my take on this wonderful company that has helped thousands around the United States. Thirty-One Gifts is a company started by a women on the east coast. It has now grown to a direct sells company.

image of thirty one and me utility tote

Thirty One Utility Tote

The company is huge on family time, serving God and making sure customers are happy! Recently, I was given a bag to help move some stuff in my house and i have to say, the Large Utility tote was very nice. I used it for everything from moving my stereo receiver to all my loose dvd’s and cd’s while moving between places.

I started to wonder is this something that a guy like me can use with all my day to day needs. So i set out and started to read up on and search the net on this Thirty-One Gifts company. And to my amazement i came across a wonderful person right here in my town.


Reaching Out

I decided reaching out to Victoria my local 31 rep, to find out if any special or deals were going on since i missed out on the last chance sale that happened last month after doing my research. She provided me with this flyer and link to see the current special.

image of customer special thirty one and me large utility tote

If you have not heard about this company or if you want to find out more about this company just take a look at the flyer and it will direct you to the information. By no means do i work for them, or sell for them. I’m just a guy who really fell in love with a bag and now i have my own large utility tote and some other items like my thermal lunch bag that i will start to carry my lunch in.

Thanks to the Special that is going on for the month of May, i was able to save and pick out my own color for my needs and get it personalized. Take a look at the flyer above it will direct you to the site an you too can have one or many depending on your needs.

And whats nice about this bag is that I don’t have to search my trunk closet or anything else for something when I need it, its in my bag ready for me to pull it out due to the size of the bag. Approx. 11.75″H x 21.5″W x 10″D

So if you don’t have one or just want to shop take a look HERE and see for yourself.

image of thirty one and me bags and totes

Thirty One and Me